Kawana Waters State College Prep Playspace

The Kawana Waters State College Play Space is a large educational play space designed by Greenedge Design and separated into three stages for construction.


The first stage was completed in early 2018 and boasts a variety of educational play elements. The central feature of the design is the mounded rock water channel. This area allows for the creation of a natural water play area, which incorporates a water pump, gates, plug, water falls and overflow channel which allows children to control the water levels.


The continuation of the water channel along the flatter section contains a series of strategically placed coloured stones. With each colour placed in groups of 10, children are able to find and count these as they transition through the space. This is not only for the enjoyment of the students but gives the teachers the opportunity to extend their classrooms outdoors.


The extension of the water channel wraps itself around the large sand pit which contains the “fallen” tree and balancing logs. This area provides various climbing opportunities for the children to challenge themselves safely.


A circuit path around the mounded rock water channels, controls wheeled movement activity and contains a timber bridge crossing over the lower part of the water channel. There are also opportunities for students to jump over the water channel over strategically placed rocks without damage to gardens.


Plant selection is hardy, sensory and child safe with varying forms of form, texture and colour throughout.



Stage 1 – 2017-2018


Kawana Waters State College, Bokarina, Sunshine Coast, Queensland


Stage 1 – Completed

Project Phase

Concept through to Construction Services.


Kawana Waters State College



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Harmony Landscapes

Photograph Credit

Greg Thomas