Caloundra Town Reserve

The Caloundra Town Reserve (Sugar Bag Road) is a bushland reserve which is currently used by mountain bikers with down trails which have existing for many years. Other users of the site include runners, walkers and dog walkers.


Greenedge was engaged as lead consultant to undertake a feasibility study and master plan, working closely with Town Planners, Engineers, Sports and Recreation Consultants, Environmental Consultants and Mountain Bike Specialists. Along with the consultants Greenedge undertook extensive environmental site investigation, community consultation, internal and external stakeholder consultation and desktop studies a robust and thorough plan was prepared.


Conflict resolution on this project through the development of the master plan allowed for all users of the site to be included in making the site inclusive.


Greenedge were able to achieve a holistic approach for the site which provided an active tourism opportunity for Caloundra and the Sunshine Coast region as a whole.





Sugar Bag Road, Caloundra, Queensland


Concept (Master) Plan Completed

Project Phase

Concept (Master) Plan


Sunshine Coast Council


Otium Planning Group

TOD Consulting Engineers & Project Managers

Adamson Town Planning

World Trail



Sunshine Coast Council

Caloundra Off-Road Cycling Association

Friends of Ben Bennett Botanical Park

Queensland Government

Sunshine Coast Community

Photograph Credit

Images: Greg Thomas

Illustrations: Greenedge Design