Peacehaven Botanical Park Nature Playground

The Peacehaven Botanical Park is a nature play playground designed by Greenedge Design in collaboration with Toowoomba Regional Council.


Greenedge Design created a style guide for the Peacehaven Botanical Park prior to concept development which influenced the themes of the play space. The nature play design is focused around an existing Crow’s Ash (Flindersia australis) tree, which provides natural shade to the play space.


Further to it’s physical presence within the space, the Crow’s Ash has influenced other play elements throughout the site. Including the seed pod climbing structure and the ‘star’ shaped concrete platforms inspired by the opening of the seed pod.


The natural overland flow channel is embraced in the design through the introduction of a dry creek bed. This area allows for the creation of a natural water play area, incorporating a water pump, gates and overflow channel which allows children to control the water.


Due to the sites topography, platforms of play activity were introduced and to create further interest an earth mound with seed-like steps (influenced by an open bunya nut) leads to a slide which then descends the mound.





Peacehaven Botanical Park, Highfields, Queensland



Project Phase

Concept through to Construction Services.


Toowoomba Regional Council


Toowoomba Regional Council – Landscape Team

Thompson Consulting Engineers

Friends of Peacehaven Park

Urban Art Projects (climbing pod)


Landscape Solutions

Photograph Credit

Greg Thomas